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Get Set - A Set Variant

Designer: Dave Eggleston
Players: 2
Equipment: Copy of Set

A two-player game of skill and bluff using Set cards (either from Set or Triology) based on Go Fish. Although the ability to form sets is still important, the real key to victory is winning cards from your opponent, using a familiar mechanic that leads to a surprisingly tense game.


Shuffle one deck of 81 Set cards. Deal six cards to each player, and place the remaining cards to the side as a draw pile. The youngest player goes first.


On your turn, you perform the following in order:

  1. Ask your opponent for a card
  2. Play one set or draw a card

Ask your opponent for a card - When performing this action, you ask for two attributes (number, color, shape, shading). If your opponent has at least one card in his hand that has these two attributes, he must choose one and hand it over to you. Place this card face-up in front of you. Cards that are face-up in front of a player may not be taken away via this action; only in-hand cards may be stolen. If your opponent does not have such a card, he says "Get Set" and you get no cards from him.

Play one set - You must guess a card correctly in your previous action to earn the privilege of playing a set as part of your second action. When forming a set, you can use any number of cards from your hand, and any number of cards that are face-up in front of you. However, you may only use at most one of the cards that are face-up in front of your opponent. Sets should be placed face-up to the side of the playing field; these cards may not be stolen or reused, but players are free to inspect which cards are out of the game. You can only play one set at a time per turn; however, if you successfully create a set, you may immediately take another turn, returning to the first action above. You may take multiple turns in a row as long as you keep guessing correctly and forming sets.

Draw a card - If you did not get a card from your opponent in the first action, or if you did get a card but do not form a set, then you must draw a card from the draw pile into your hand. Your turn is now over.

If at any point during the game, even during your opponent's turn, you have no cards in your hand, you must immediately draw three cards from the draw pile.


The first player to create six sets wins.

About Get Set

The basic Set game can be lopsided between uneven opponents. The combinations in Triology are staggering, especially when considering the ability to steal and combine with others' melds. Get Set is a great introduction to the different Set variations, adding its own twist in the card-guessing element, and has been my household's favorite way to play Set for years.

Get Set play example

Bill has the following cards in his hand: Ted has the following cards in his hand:

Bill has the following cards in front of him: Ted has the following cards in front of him:

It is Bill's turn.

  • Bill asks Ted for "1 Clear". Ted can give him his 1 Clear Red Diamond, or his 1 Clear Purple Oval. The 1 Clear Red Oval that is in front of Ted is not eligible for selection at this time. Ted gives Bill the 1 Clear Red Diamond, which Bill places face-up in front of him with his other two cards.
  • Bill finds a set - 1 Clear Red Diamond (which he just won), 3 Solid Purple Ovals (which is in his hand), and 2 Striped Green Squiggles (which was already face-up in front of him). He notes that he also has another potential set, using his 3 Clear Red Diamonds and 2 Striped Red Diamonds, and the 1 Solid Red Diamond in front of Bill. However, he can only make one set per correct guess. He forms the first one, hoping to guess another card correctly so he can score the second one as well. Since he formed a Set, he can now take another turn (without drawing from the draw pile), and he chooses to do so.
Bill has the following cards in his hand: Ted has the following cards in his hand:

Bill has the following cards in front of him: Ted has the following cards in front of him:
  • Bill asks Ted for "Purple Squiggle". Ted, having no card with both attributes, says "Get Set". Bill draws a card from the draw pile, adding it to his hand. It is now Ted's turn.

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