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A Puzzling Situation

A Titan: The Arena Primer

This is just a quick tutorial on how the creature powers work in Titan: The Arena. More information on the game may be found at either of the two sites:

Mark Jackson's Game Central Station:

Stefan O'Sullivan's GameViews:

Cyclops. Backer forces any player to play next turn with half hand after playing on Cyclops.

Dragon. Backer may discard one already played card after playing on Dragon.

Hydra. Backer may play another card after playing on Hydra.

Ranger. Backer draws three cards after playing on Ranger.

Titan. Backer draws three cards from any hand after playing on Titan. Returns two.

Troll. Backer may reclaim one visible Troll Strength card after playing on Troll..

Unicorn. Backer may exchange any two visible Strength cards of any creature after playing on Unicorn.

Warlock. Backer discards any three cards (or less) after playing on Warlock.

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