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Titan: The Arena 1.0 Solution

It's nearing the end of the game and you're in a sticky situation. You've got a secret bet on the Unicorn and are also the backer of the Hydra (which lets you use its power). The problem is that both are in danger of losing! (You're the Red player.)

Your hand consists of the following cards:

What should you do?


Reveal your secret bet on the Unicorn. (This makes you that creature's backer as you have 7 ducats bet on it.) Play your "2-Unicorn" card. Then use the Unicorn's power to switch the "1-Dragon" & "8-Dragon" cards. The round ends with the Dragon dying. You have a final score of 12, Yellow has a score of 10 and Blue a score of 4. Since all of Yellow bets are visible, his final score must be 10. Even if Blue has a surviving secret bet, his final score can only be 9 and so you are assured of victory.

- Greg Aleknevicus

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