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Set 1.0 Solution

Set is a pattern recognition game. Cards have pictures of symbols on them with the following properties:

  • number of symbols (one, two, or three)
  • colour (red, purple, or green)
  • symbol (oval, diamond, or squiggle)
  • shading (hollow, shaded, or solid)

Each turn twelve cards are laid out on the table and then it's a race to see who can identify a "set" of three cards. What's a "set"? A set consists of three cards that, for each property, are either all the same or all different. It's important to note that each property is considered independently from each other, so a set could (for example) consist of three cards that have all different number, all the same colour, all the same symbol, and all different shading:

Another set might consist of all the same number, all different colour, all different symbols, all the same shading:

So given the following collection of cards identify ALL possible "sets".

There are six possible "sets" in the above example:

  • A, F, I
  • A, G, K
  • B, E, L
  • C, I ,K
  • D, K, L
  • E, H, I

There were several people who also include C, F, L as a set. This doesn't qualify as it fails the colour criteria.

Congratulations to everyone who entered (there were a lot of you), the winner of the draw is Andy Merritt!

- Greg Aleknevicus

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