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His Eyes Opened!

San Juan 1.0 - Solution

You have on the table:
  • Indigo plant (filled)
  • Coffee roaster (filled)
  • Poor house
  • Quarry
  • Carpenter
  • Black market
  • Library
  • Archive
  • City hall
  • Triumphal arch
  • Palace

You have a Hero in your hand.

Your current standing is 27 VPs (thus your opponents each have 40 VPs).

  1. Choose Builder.
  2. Build the Hero. (Cost is normally 5; -1 for Builder privilege, -1 for Library, -1 for Quarry, -2 for using the Indigo and Coffee via the Black market.)
  3. Take 1 card from the supply for the Carpenter.
  4. Take 1 card from the supply for the Poor house.

Your victory total is now 40, matching your opponents. You win the tie-breaker by having two cards in your hand and on your production buildings whereas your opponents each have only one (their loaded Silver smelters).

(You could also replace the Carpenter and Poor house with loaded production buildings but I like this solution better.)

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