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Ricochet Robot 2.0 - Solution

The problem this month is a little different: Instead of getting a single robot to its home you must get all robots home! (If you can't see the whole board try setting your browser to full screen.)

  1. Yellow down
  2. Yellow right (Home)
  3. Red up
  4. Red left
  5. Blue up
  6. Blue left
  7. Blue down
  8. Blue right
  9. Green up
  10. Green right
  11. Red right
  12. Blue left
  13. Green down
  14. Green left
  15. Green up
  16. Green right (Home)
  17. Red down
  18. Red left
  19. Red up
  20. Red right
  21. Red down (Home)
  22. Blue right (Home)

There were a number of people that misinterpreted the puzzle due to a misunderstanding of the rules. In short, many people were under the impression that if a robot runs over its home base it stops. As far as I can see there is no rule in the game that suggests this. A robot will only stop if it hits a wall, the edge of the board or another robot. The boards included in the game always have the bases surrounded on two sides by walls so this doesn't ever come up whereas it does with this custom board. I think this is yet another example of no matter how clear you think a rule is, someone somewhere will always interpret it differently.

- Greg Aleknevicus

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