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A Puzzling Situation

RoboRally 2.0

In RoboRally players attempt to move their robots around a demented factory by programming them using cards. These cards consist of such actions as: Turn Left, Turn Right, Move 1, Move 3, U-Turn, etc. Normally you're dealt nine such cards and you must use exactly five of these as your program for that turn. Complicating matters is the fact that the factory is filled with deadly machinery; there are pits you can fall into, walls that block your movement and conveyer belts that move you along (among many others). For a quick summary of how the board elements work check the RoboRally Primer.

If you want to learn more about RoboRally check out the official website at You can also read the full set of rules there.

The challenge this month is a slight variation. You still need to get Twonky (that's the little red robot) onto the flag but you need to do it in EXACTLY 10 moves. (Note also that because we're using 10 phases the pushers are numbered differently than in the proper game.)

You've been dealt the following 10 cards:

Move 3, Move 2, Move 2, Move 1, Move 1, Move 1, Backup, Backup, Backup, Backup.

The question is can you get Twonky home? (Remember you have to use all ten cards and wind up on the flag on phase 10. You can stop on the flag earlier but that doesn't count as a "win".)


- Greg Aleknevicus

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