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OCTI 3.0 Solution

This months problem: Red, attacking southward, to move and win in 3 (of its) turns. Blue has one pod in reserve. (Standard rules, so the board has a hard edge.)


RED: h4-h2-f4x-f6

BLUE: g3

RED: f6-f4-h2x-h4

BLUE: any

RED: g4-g3 wins

The real trick is to not capture the blue pod at f5 so that you can capture the newly placed pod at g3. It was also important to immediately capture the pod on g3 in order to force blues move, otherwise a blue move of g1-f2 and then f2-d4 would prevent red from winning in three moves (although a red victory would seem imminent). Finally, on red's second move the jump to h4 is critical as it prevents blue from counterattacking with the pod at g1 and capturing 4 red pods!

Congratulations to Anthony Kam whose name was drawn from the winning entries for a free copy of Octi!

- Greg Aleknevicus

If you want to know more about Octi we encourage you to visit the official website at

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