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A Puzzling Situation

Dia de los Muertos 1.0

Dia de los Muertos Rules in Brief:
This is a trick taking game for partners. Each player in turn plays one card from their hand. Highest card wins the trick. If there is a tie for the highest card, the first card of the tied cards that was played wins the trick.

There is one big twist; a black card may always be played. For the other three colors (blue, green, and pink) only one card of each color may be played to a trick. If a player cannot play any card, he must discard a card instead.

The object of the game is to collect Food (2's) and Muertos (4's). The best collection wins.

There are a few special cards, but only two are in this puzzle:

  • 3 - If a player has played a 3 into a trick, the player may remove a single 10 of the opposing team at the end of the trick.
  • 1C = 1 (Choose) The player may choose to make this card any color (including black), except the Muertos color for this hand. (In this puzzle, black, pink or green may be chosen.)

In this game South is playing the final hand of a 3 player game with his partner dummy, North. South knows that West has a black "10" and East has a pink "8" and a green "8". (The cards marked "E or W" are the other cards in East & West's hands. South knows this but not who holds what.) The real problem is that it is a tied game, and the team that takes the last "2" card will win.


- Frank Branham

(Frank Branham is the designer of Dia de los Muertos and also the publisher of The Games Journal. You can find out more about his game at

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