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Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation Primer

This is a quick summary of the rules to play Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation:

On your turn you must move one of your characters forward (not sideways or backwards). If there is an opposing character in that space, you must fight. First, reveal the characters involved. (If there is more than one character from a side you randomly choose which character will fight. If this character is defeated, then you reveal the next and fight again.) Some character have text which affects the battle, resolve this first. (See below for a list of the character abilities.) Players then simultaneously select a card from their hand and reveal it. If it's a "special" card you perform the action stated. (If both players reveal special cards, the Dark player performs his action first.) You then add the value on the card played to the characters value and the higher total wins. The loser is removed from the game, on a tie both characters are eliminated.

There are a couple of special rules as well. The Good player can move directly from Eregion to Fangorn. (Although you must beware of the Balrog's special power.) The Good player (only) can also move sideways from Mirkwood to Fangorn or from Fangorn to Rohan. (Note that you cannot move in the opposite direction, from Fangorn to Mirkwood as an example.) Finally, you can never move sideways in the mountains, none of the cards or special abilities allow you to break this rule.

The Good player wins if he moves Frodo into Mordor (even if there are enemy characters there).

The Dark player can win by either defeating Frodo or by moving three characters into the Shire.

The number in parentheses is that characters value in combat.

The Good Player:

Frodo (1) - May retreat sideways after being attacked.
Sam (2) - Worth 5 in combat if in the same region as Frodo.
Merry (2) - Instantly defeats the Witch King
Gandalf (5) - Dark player must choose (and show) his card before Good player chooses.
Pippin (1) - May retreat backwards after attacking.
Gimli (3) - Instantly defeats the Orcs.
Legolas (3) - Instantly defeats the Flying Nazgul.
Aragorn (4) - May attack in any direction.
Boromir (0) - Kills any opponent, then dies himself.

Cards: 1,2,3,4,5

Noble Sacrifice: Both characters in the battle are killed.

Elven Cloak: Ignore the number of the Dark player's card. (If the Dark player played a special card the Elven Cloak has no effect.)

Retreat: Character retreats back one region. (If there is no legal space to retreat the character is defeated.)

Magic: Replace this card with a previously played card.

The Dark Player:

Balrog (5) - Kills any character attempting to use the tunnel of Moria to move from Eregion to Fangorn.
Saruman (4)- May decide whether cards are played in battle or not.
Shelob (5) - Immediately returns to Gondor after defeating an opponent.
Flying Nazgul (3) - May attack a single Good character anywhere on the board.
Cave Troll (9) - Ignores the text or number on card played.
Orcs (2) - Instantly defeats any character when attacking.
Warg (2) - Ignores the opposing characters' special ability.
Witch King (5) - May attack sideways.
The Black Rider (3) - May move forward any number of regions to attack a single character.

Cards: 1,2,3,4,5,6

Retreat: Character retreats sideways. (If there is no legal space to retreat the character is defeated.)

Eye of Sauron: Ignore the text on the Good Players' card.

Magic: Replace this card with a previously played card.

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