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A Puzzling Situation

Cartagena 1.0

In Cartagena players are trying to move their pirates onto the boat in order to escape the island prison. You do this by selecting one of your pirates and playing a single card. You then move the selected pirate to the next empty space that contains that picture. If all spaces between that pirate and the boat are occupied you move the pirate into the boat. (e.g. Playing a Bottle on red pirate C will move that pirate into the boat.)

Players can also gain cards by moving their pirates backwards. You select one of your pirates and move it back to the next space that contains either 1 or 2 pirates (skipping any space that contains either 0 or 3 pirates). You gain either 1 or 2 cards depending on the number of pirates there.

A players turn consists of up to three such moves (with any combination of forward and backward moves). The first player to move all six of his/her pirates onto the boat wins.

It's your turn next, then blue, green and yellow (in that order). Each of your opponents has lots of cards but you have no idea what they are. Your hand consists of the cards shown at left. What moves should you make that will guarantee you victory?


- Greg Aleknevicus

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