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His Eyes Opened!

Puzzle created by Thorin N. Tatge

Babel 1.0 - Solution

It's nearing the end of a particularly grueling match and things are looking bad. The score is 18 - 10 against you and you've narrowly avoided defeat. However you have a large hand of cards and many options available to you. It's your turn, how can you guarantee victory? (Any temple on the board has all previous levels beneath it. i.e. A level 4 temple also has temple cards for levels 3, 2 & 1.)

A short primer on playing Babel is available here. It includes only the rules necessary to solve this month's puzzle.

(Note to players of the German edition of Babel: The Rio Grande Games' rules will be considered "official" for this puzzle. Notably, this means that when using the Sumerian special power you steal all cards in the opposing column matching the top most card.)

You have the following cards (which includes the three you drew this turn):


  1. Play both Assyrians.
  2. Build your tower in Medea up to 5.
  3. Play your Persian to move to Persia.
  4. Play a Sumerian, followed by all three Medes.
  5. Pop a Mede to emigrate your opponent's Assyrians.
  6. Pop a Sumerian to steal your opponent's Sumerians.
  7. Play a Hittite.
  8. Build your tower in Persia up to 6.
  9. Play a Sumerian to move to Sumeria.
  10. Use your free migration to move the top two Sumerians and Hittite from Persia to Sumeria.
  11. Play your last two Hittites.
  12. Pop a Hittite to steal your opponent's level 4 tower.
  13. Pop a Sumerian to steal your opponent's Persians.
  14. Pop a Persian to let you skip a level and build your tower in Sumeria up to 6.

Your towers now total 20, and you win! (Note that there are other solutions.) Congratulations to Seann Greenn who won the draw for a free item from the Fabulous Prize Vault!

- Thorin N. Tatge

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