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Letters - September, 2001

Kevin G. Nunn: In your August letters section, Stewart Tame reported that Funagain games stated that the Stock Car Championship Racing Card Game is out of print. This is not correct.

Funagain does not claim that the game is out of print, but rather that it is out of stock. MMD's stock car card game is, indeed, still in print. That is, unless the situation has changed drastically since the first week of July of this year—I bought two complete sets from them at their Origins 2001 booth.

Additionally, their website is still up, at the address:

Mr. Tame is completely correct when he says that the Stock Car Card Game is reasonably fun and we can only hope that it remains in print for a very long time.

For those of you interested in a more detailed review, You may want to look at Mike Siggins' review at the Game Cabinet:

or at its listing on BoardgameGeek

Matthew Baldwin: Greg A. is correct in stating that the comparison I was drawing was between "Call My Bluff" and the traditional South American game Perudo, rather than the commercial version of same. (Letters - August, 2001) It sounds like University Games just marketed the original with little (if any) modification, the "faux Incan theme" the only nod to its origins.

That said, I think I made a mistake in assuming that everyone (specifically readers of TGJ and Borg himself) would be aware of the traditional Perudo. I spent several years South America a while back and played a lot of Perudo / Dudo in Bolivian bars. This must have fooled me into thinking that the game was as well-known everywhere as it was in the area I lived in. But as your letter (and Borg's account of coming up with Liar's Dice from Liar's Poker) shows, this is clearly not the case. In that respect, you're right about the "Whoops."

Incidentally, Borg's game has one huge improvement over the old Perudo game: namely, the rule that if a bid is exact everyone loses a die. In traditional Perudo a challenger loses if the number of dice is equal to or more than the bid. Borg's rule makes for a shorter, tenser and more satisfying game.

Dino: I glad to inform you that the Encyclopedia of classic and family games is online here you can find informations about 10,500 games, plus 2,500 companies and 1600 game authors. All for free. I hope you'll get a look.

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