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GCA Winner - 2002

Greg Aleknevicus

June, 2002

The Strategy Gaming Society sponsors the annual Gamers' Choice Awards. Every year an international panel of gamers select a list of games they feel are deserving of special recognition. There are three distinct categories; Multi-Player Strategy, Two-Player Strategy and Historical Simulation. I serve on the Multi-Player and Two-Player Strategy committees and am pleased to announce this years winners. You can see a list of all nominees in last month's announcement.

Stuart Dagger is in charge of tallying the results and provides us with the following report:

Multi-Player Category

There were 15 voters but not everyone ranked all 12 games. This means that in some of the tie-break votes the total number of votes cast is less than 15.

Stage 1: This is a straight count of first preferences. The results were as follows:

5: San Marco
3: Funkenschlag
2: Die Händler von Genua, Wyatt Earp
1: Capitol, Kanaloa, Liberté

The five games which picked up no votes at this stage are eliminated. From now on it is a case of eliminating the games at the bottom, one at a time, until one game has an overall majority. When a voter's current choice is eliminated, his vote switches to the game that is his favourite from among those that remain in the race. Because games are eliminated one at a time, tiebreaks are needed at various points. These are done by using the preference lists to hold a vote on just those games involved in the tie.

The first tiebreak results: 6 votes to Capitol and 4 each to Liberté and Kanaloa. So Capitol survives and a second vote is needed involving just the other two. This goes in favour of Liberté by 9 to 5. Kanaloa is therefore eliminated. Its supporter switches his vote to Capitol. That moves Capitol up to 2 and leaves Liberté alone at the bottom. So Liberté is the next one to go and its vote switches to Wyatt Earp. The position is now:

5: San Marco
3: Funkenschlag, Wyatt Earp
2: Capitol, Die Händler von Genua

The tiebreak between the two at the bottom goes in favour of Capitol by 8 votes to 6. Die Händler von Genua goes out. One of its supporters switches his vote to Capitol and the other to San Marco. We now have:

6: San Marco
3: Capitol, Funkenschlag, Wyatt Earp

The winning post is 8 votes. None of the candidates is there yet and so we need to eliminate the new tailender. The tiebreak sees Funkenschlag on 6, Wyatt Earp on 5 and Capitol on 4. Capitol's survival act has finally run out of steam and out it goes. One voter switches to Funkenschlag and the other two to San Marco. This gives us:

8: San Marco
4: Funkenschlag
3: Wyatt Earp.

San Marco can no longer be caught and so is the winner.

San Marco, 2002 Gamers' Choice Awards Winner - Multi-player Category

2 Player Category

Only 11 people voted in this section and so 6 votes is enough to win. The count of first preferences produced the following:

6: Dvonn
3: Kupferkessel Co.
2: Sternenschiff Catan

No further counts are needed. Dvonn is the winner.

Dvonn, 2002 Gamers' Choice Awards Winner - 2 Player category

Thanks to Stuart for the interesting summation of the voting results. Congratulations to both the winners and nominees for this years award!. All are good games deserving of your attention.

- Greg Aleknevicus

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