My article on "fraudulent" themes in German games seems to have piqued the interest of a few people. I noticed that it's been mentioned in a few blogs around the net. I think Greg Costikyan missed the point as I was hardly "attack(ing) the common paradigm of modern German boardgames." I agree with his sentiment (if not his choice of words) that "Eurogames rock". However, this fact does not mean that they are not without their flaws nor does it mean that they cannot be improved. In any case, it seems that many people have an opinion on the subject and there are several good letters this month that I'd urge you to read.

Also, please note that I'll be on vacation from September 18 until October 2. This not only means that the October issue will be a little late but that I will not be able to respond to submissions and enquiries in a timely fashion during this period. Rest assured that I will reply once I return.

-Greg Aleknevicus

I make a quick reference to using an alternate payment chart in my review of Power Grid this month. Some people complain that it is too rewarding for the leader and prefer the original that came with Funkensclag. I don't agree but there are many games that can be improved with additional/modified components. This is one of the overlooked advantages that boardgames have over video or computer games the ease with which they can be "debugged".


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