Another summer has come and gone. Traditionally this time of year sees a decrease in Internet traffic (presumably due to people taking holidays and students being away from school). I'm not sure if this is true or just an "old geek's tale" but it doesn't appear to be the case here at The Games Journal. For some reason or other traffic to our site jumped markedly in May and has remained relatively constant over the last four months. I hesitate to read too much into this as you can never really tell if this indicates that a greater number of actual people are visiting or if roaming "bots" are driving up the numbers. Still, it's a good sign nonetheless.

Unfortunately, this hasn't translated into a greater number of submissions or letters to the editor as I would have hoped. Way back in the November, 2001 issue I put forth the idea of "paying" for your subscription by writing a quick e-mail to either myself or the author of an article you found particularly interesting. Sadly, this has not been taken up by the readership in general. This does disappoint me a fair bit but perhaps it's to be expected. Our monthly schedule is not ideally suited to the dialogue that occurs on so many other venues. I will have to content myself with the coldness of web traffic statistics to indicate that you're still enjoying the magazine.

-Greg Aleknevicus

I love wandering through thrift stores and garage sales and am always on the lookout for interesting games. The great majority of these have very little to redeem them and so I often pay them no mind. Every now and again I'll discover that a game I had seen and dismissed countless times turns out to be pretty decent. Ghosts! is a perfect example of this.


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