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The Fabulous Prize Vault!

The following is the current list of goodies we have available for prizes; some have been opened and/or used but some are brand, spanking new! Should you happen to win one of our contests you could be taking your pick of anything here!

  • Stratego Legends booster - Kralc's Horde (Avalon Hill)
  • WarChest - 2 starter packs
  • Dia de los Muertos (Sacred Chao)
  • DiskWars (Fantasy Flight)
  • Sherlock Holmes' Criminal Cabinet (Kosmos) Note: This is the German language version of Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective. If you're not fluent in German it will be worthless to you.
  • GURPS - Best of Pyramid Vol. 1 (Steve Jackson Games)
  • GURPS - Best of Pyramid Vol. 2 (Steve Jackson Games)
  • Letterflip (Out of the Box)
  • Switch (Out of the Box)
  • Rummy 21 (Winning Moves)
  • Control Nut (James Miller)
  • Anathema (Ape Games)
  • Quicksand (Fantasy Flight)
  • James Ernest's Totally Renamed Spy Game (Cheapass)
  • Tantrix Puzzle (Tantrix)
  • Pit (Parker Brothers)

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