Well, let's hope so anyway. As I mentioned last time I am relocating to Ireland (and in fact, by this point I will have completed the move).

Many months ago when Frank e-mailed me asking me if I was interested in editing this site I was very interested. The only concern I had was that I knew I was going to be moving to Ireland near the end of September for four months. It had been my hope that I'd be able to maintain a similar level of electronic communication to what I have now while I was away. Well, the more I move towards this the more I'm running into hurdles. I purchased a laptop to bring with me but have since become aware of problem after problem. The latest being that the integrated modem won't work over there. All of these are problems that can be solved by throwing money at them but I'm having to evaluate exactly what my limits are. I'd hoped to be entirely independent but it appears that I'll need to rely on Internet cafes to some extent.

So what does this mean for you? First off, communication might not be as quick as it has been in the past. While I still encourage you to send your letters, comments and submissions in, it's much more likely to take me a while in responding.

More importantly will be the content of the site itself. Its less likely that I'll have the resources to do as good a job while I'm away (although I will try). One thought that was entertained was to go on short term hiatus or decrease the frequency of updates. This is something I am not interested in doing. While I can understand the type of thinking that goes into the "keep the quality up and the schedule be damned!" attitude I don't think it works in practice. As soon as schedules begin to be missed it seems to perpetuate itself and before long the entire thing falls apart. I've been having lots of fun with the site and do not want that to happen. So for good or bad I'll be very strict on myself in having the updates loaded on the first of each month. If there are fewer articles or they lack in snazzy graphics than we've had previously then that's likely to be the reason. As always, I'm anxious to hear any thoughts you have about this.

-Greg Aleknevicus

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