Well, I hope that everyone had a safe and sound Halloween. It's one of my favourite holidays and it's the main reason that this issue is a few days late being posted. The fact that October 31 fell on a Friday meant that I had lots of plans and was out being spooky for much of the weekend. The web statistics indicate that not many people visit on Saturday or Sunday so hopefully this won't have been a problem for most of you. (I hope that those who do visit enjoyed the little graphic change, even if it was short-lived.)

Since I do enjoy Halloween so much you'd think that I'd have more games with scary themes but I don't. Werewolf is perfect of course but the rest of the list is depressingly short: Trick 'r Treat, Ghosts!, MacGregor Castle and Ghost Party. None of these are terribly satisfying for really capturing the mood so I suspect that I may have to invest in some theme-heavy American games. I've already got a few titles in mind but feel free to write in with any suggestions.

-Greg Aleknevicus

There are lots of different methods of deciding who goes first in a game but the one my group uses is multi-player Rock, Paper, Scissors. In fact, this has become something of a meta-game, not so much in the playing but in the strategizing and post-game analysis. All in good fun, of course. I mention this because RPS features somewhat prominently in this month's article from Ron Hale-Evans.


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