Guten tag indeed. As I mentioned last issue I've temporarily relocated to Ireland for several months. While such a move can be troubling this does have one advantage. The close proximity to Europe has allowed me to attend the Essen Game fair for the first time.

Never heard of Essen? Well, it's one of two large annual fairs in Germany that publishers use to introduce their new line of games. Unlike Nuremberg in February, Essen is geared more to the consumer and it attracts about 130,000 visitors over the course of four days. There's much to do and see and I had my trusty digital camera with me to snap as many pictures as I was able.

Normally I prefer to keep to our monthly publishing schedule but I realize the impatience many have in seeing the latest games. So, over the next few weeks I'll be adding more photos for those that can't wait to see what goodies the coming year has in store. (The fair ended October 29 and as this issue gets posted November 1, you can understand why I haven't got it done already.) So, check back often to see what new goodies are described.

-Greg Aleknevicus

The Gipf Project is a series of games from Kris Burm in which winning one game grants you the use of special pieces in the "master game". This issue, Mitch Thomashow gives us his opinion on the latest addition to the project, Zertz.


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