Every year April brings my one, must-attend gaming event Alan Moon's Gathering of Friends. Nine days of concentrated gaming with 300 friends, what could be better? As always I managed to play many new games but there were none that really stood out as "must haves". I believe that this was the general consensus of the attendees as there was no one title that people were raving about. I suppose the nearest thing to a hit was Louis XIV to which I had the same reaction as I have to most Alea games I respect it but do not personally enjoy it.

I did enjoy Tower of Babel, Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck, Diamant and Reef Encounter among others. The Gathering also provides an opportunity to play games that I do not get a chance to play otherwise. I lost another game of Dune and while I was undefeated at Le Passe-Trappe in 2004, this year I was thoroughly humbled by Jake Talley. This theme would continue with Can't Stop. Frank Weiss (from Ravensburger) and I jokingly conduct the World Championship with much trash-talking and year-long bragging rights on the line. After my triumph in the "Greatest Game Ever Played" last year, I sent Frank a copy of the Parker Brothers "Stop Sign" edition so that he could practice. Bad move. I was utterly humiliated and did not manage to win a single game despite five or six attempts. Oh well, there's always next year.

-Greg Aleknevicus

Another May and another very short issue this month I'm afraid. Oh well, perhaps there's an article in the archives you've overlooked?


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