The sad news that Alex Randolph has passed away was reported just a few days ago. Mr. Randolph was regarded as one of the fathers of "our" type of games and is credited with advancing the cause of game designer as artist worthy of recognition. (In the same way that authors of books or directors of movies are credited.)

Over the years, Mr. Randolph designed many, many games although I suspect that his most enduring creation is Twixt. Upon hearing the news of his demise I had a look over my collection and saw that he had created a rather diverse selection of titles; Hol's der Geier, Ghosts, Venice Connection, Inkognito, Ricochet Robot the list goes on and on. In fact, it was only last month that I reviewed a game of his I had just discovered, Buffalo.

It's a comfort in such times that his games will be his greatest legacy and that we'll be playing them for years and years to come. I'd have to say that Ricochet Robot remains my favourite Randolph game. If you haven't tried it then I'd suggest having a look at our archives where you can find several old puzzles that will give you a nice introduction...

-Greg Aleknevicus

The time a game takes to play can have a huge affect on our enjoyment. What can be plenty of fun at 15 minutes is torture if stretched over 60. Conversely there are games that feel too short at only two hours it ends just as it's getting exciting! Will Baker explores this issue further in his article this month.


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