It's been a very full month gaming-wise. The main culprit was the nine days I spent at The Gathering, Alan Moon's annual get together of board gaming hedonism. As always it was great fun seeing lots of old friends and playing some of the latest games. In addition to the newer offerings, there were also many older games I got to try and the biggest surprise for me was playing Crokinole for the first time.

Despite the fact that the game is Canadian in origin (or so I'm told), I had never even met anyone who owned a board. I suspect that the game is much more popular back east where they need to fill the cold winter months with indoor activities. In any case, the game has become very popular with boardgamers of late and so there were several good quality boards available for play. I'm happy to report that the game is great fun and equally enjoyable played head-to-head or in partnerships. There's really very little to the game so I'm at a bit of a loss to explain why it's so enjoyable but I played almost every day throughout the week.

Normally I return from The Gathering with several additions to my "games wanted list". This year, I've added the project of making myself a Crokinole board. It's a fairly simple woodworking project and I'm quite anxious to see what I can come up with. If you haven't seen or heard of this game I'd suggest checking it out.

-Greg Aleknevicus

It's always been a love of mine to try and improve the components of a game. A good game should have components to match in my opinion. One of the complaints people had with the original Drakon was that the little plastic stands caused damage to the player tokens whenever you inserted them. Well, Fantasy Flight has released a new version of the game that addresses this problem. Still, I couldn't help going a little further. The new improved plastic stands provided all are a generic white. I replaced these with card stands that match the player colours (see above for an example) and think they're much nicer. See what other changes have been made...


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