What a month! It's April and so that means that I travel to Ohio to attend Alan Moon's annual Gathering of Friends. Excellent as always and this year I went for even longer than usual attending "Opening Days" for the first time. In addition to more gaming it allowed me to travel down to Cincinnati and visit King's Island, one of the world's premier roller coaster parks. Ah, life is hard isn't it?

The gaming was perhaps better than ever and there were very few games that I didn't enjoy playing. One or two plays are too few to make really informed decisions about the games but I'm most excited about Medina and Capitol. Traders of Genoa was also generally met with praise although in the subsequent discussions it seems that there have been many small rules mistakes made. To be honest nothing too major and perhaps it points to a solid framework that the game was enjoyed despite this. Be warned though that the game can be long and involves much negotiation.

For those who already have the game Drakon, you still might want to check out the review this month. Included is a link to a player aid I created. I've found that it's not really necessary after a game or two but it's very handy for new players.

-Greg Aleknevicus

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