There are a couple of minor changes around here. If you look at the sidebar on the left you'll notice that the topmost title now lists the month of publication and includes a hyperlink to last month's issue. (A link to next month's issue will appear, well, next month.) I don't know that this will be all that useful to our regular readers but I hope that it will make it at least a little bit clearer that there's more to The Games Journal than what appears on our front page. This can be a fairly easy mistake to make if you don't notice the somewhat obscure link to our archives on the bottom of each page. Which brings up the next little change: the inclusion of a graphic to that particular link. Hopefully this will catch a reader's eye enough that they won't miss out on the ever-growing list of past articles, reviews and puzzles we have there.

-Greg Aleknevicus

In last month's letters, I mentioned that the response to our recent puzzles has been rather abysmal. As such, I had decided that we'd run fewer of these in future issues but, lo and behold, Stefan Engblom sent me the Black Vienna puzzle you can find in this issue. Since this is one of my favourite deduction games I couldn't resist including it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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