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These are some of the premier websites that we've come across. There's plenty of information available for those who seek it...

About Boardgames - Erik Arneson is your host on this site filled with all sorts of links, forums and general information about your favourite subject.
Board Game Geek - An online database that includes photos, reviews and session reports of mostly German type games.
Brett & Board - This Danish site run by Mik Svellov is the Internet's premiere site for English news and information about German style boardgames.
ConSimWorld - ConSimWorld is a large site devoted primarily to CONflict SIMulations (ie. wargames) and has a large number of discussion boards concerning these as well as other types of games. Many of the wargaming companies have a presence on these boards and announce new products and information there.
Discover Games - The Discover Games website is devoted to providing information about designing, publishing and selling your game. Lots of useful articles and helpful hints from those who've already taken this huge step.
  Gamers Alliance - The Gamers Alliance is an association of game players and collectors. Membership includes an annual catalog and the excellent quarterly magazine, The Gamers Alliance Report.
Luding - A massive database of links to reviews and articles about games.
  The Game Cabinet - The Game Cabinet is sadly defunct these days. However, it still contains a wealth of information in its pages about German style boardgames. It's also home to the first 21 issues of Sumo, the print magazine edited by Mike Siggins.
The Game Report Online - The Game Report Online is the web incarnation of Peter Sarrett's print publication The Game Report. Originally it was simply an archive of previous issues (lagging 2 issues behind) but Peter has in recent months added a tremendous amount of extra content and features.
  Web Grognards - A collection of links concentrating on (but not limited to) wargames.

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