This issue marks the completion of five years of The Games Journal, a fact of which I am rather proud. There have been ups and downs to be sure but overall, I think we've provided a decent product. I've said it before but it bears repeating: a critical requirement for our existence are the numerous people who have written the wonderful articles, reviews, rules and puzzles we've published in the last half-decade. Thanks to all of you. The same can be said to all the game companies that so graciously send review copies a package at the door does wonders to lift your spirits! I'd also like to extend my appreciation to all who have visited and especially those who have taken the time to write in with comments or suggestions. Finally, I'd like to thank Frank Branham for providing the webspace and the occasional bit of technical help. The Games Journal would not exist without his involvement.

As to the future who knows? I find it hard to imagine that we'll still be around for another five years but one should never say never. There were many times that I told myself that 60 issues was my limit but I'm not quite ready to give it up yet. See you next month!

-Greg Aleknevicus

"Collector" seems to be a dirty word for many people but I'm not among them. I have no problem if someone wishes to own a game simply to admire or appreciate. I hold onto a number of games purely for nostalgic reasons and, in fact, I recently re-acquired an entire line of games simply because I played them in my youth.


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