There's been a bit of talk about reprinting games recently. I often find curious the titles that people suggest as good choices for reprinting. As often as not the games requested are of very recent vintage. Why would a company spend resources on a game that has already reached its main audience? Generally speaking, if Samurai (or any other game) has gone out of print, it's because it was no longer selling in sufficient quantities to keep it alive. It may be that in 10 or 15 years a reprint becomes viable but not after only a year or two.

If you did happen to miss out on a recently out-of-print game, there's always the second hand market such as eBay or rec.games.board.marketplace. Only in a few cases are the games more expensive than they were originally and so if you really want them, they're available one way or another.

What games do I think are good choices for re-printing? I think the best would be games that had a very small initial print run. There are a lot of fabulous games that were self published and only a few hundred copies were ever printed. While not all such games are classics there are a number that have stood the test of time and are still held in high regard. Making such a game available to a wide audience would be a profitable move, I suspect.

I'd also love to see good, older games that deserve a "face lift" get republished. Modern design and components can be so much better than what was possible in the past and I believe that many people would be willing to "upgrade" their copy if it meant having a superior version.

-Greg Aleknevicus

I've never actually completed the design for a game and therefore I'm probably not the best person to ask about getting a game published. This doesn't stop people from asking me (on a fairly regular basis) how to go about doing it. I'll now have the easy answer of referring them to The Game Inventor's Guidebook by Brian Tinsman.


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