Perhaps the thing I hate most about The Games Journal is this introduction I have to write every month. Maybe I feel this way because I can't for the life of me come up with anything interesting to say right now. Even so, it's a recurring problem for me and I wish that I had designed a different layout for our front page that did not require my blathering on for several paragraphs every month. With this in mind, why don't I open the floor and let you tell me the thing you hate the most about our site?

Don't be shy, I've got a thick skin, so feel free to write in and let me know what annoys you most about The Games Journal. Is it the colour scheme? The reviews? Our layout? The pompous editor?

-Greg Aleknevicus

If you've got a favourite dice-rolling game, do you really need another? Maybe not, but a variety is nice, even if it's only for the occasional change of pace. If you agree, you could do a lot worse than Pickomino.


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