This issue represents the start of the second year for The Games Journal. It has certainly been an interesting past year for me. Getting to Essen for the first time was certainly a highlight and of course running this website has been a great learning experience. I'm actually quite proud of everything we've managed to accomplish thus far. It's allowed me to do some basic HTML and PERL coding which was rather enjoyable as well as working on the basic design of things (which I really like doing). I hope it's not too narcissistic to say that I find The Games Journal to be one of my favorite gaming websites. I feel that I can do so as there are so many people that add to the content of our site.

First and foremost I'd like to thank all the contributors, without them it's virtually assured that The Games Journal wouldn't have lasted this long. As long as the articles keep coming in, the future will be looking good.

I'd also like to thank Frank Branham for both his assistance in running things and actually paying for everything! Thanks, boss! Further thanks to all the companies that have supported us with review copies and contest prizes, it's very much appreciated.

Finally, thanks to everyone that took the time to write in with comments. The Games Journal is very much a labour of love for everyone involved. What makes it enjoyable is knowing that there are people out there actually reading all this! If you would like to ensure that it continues I strongly encourage you to send any comments about anything (favorable or otherwise) to either myself or the authors. Feedback is the primary reward we get for doing this and is invaluable.

-Greg Aleknevicus

Has Frank Branham lost his marbles?! Perhaps, but not for the more obvious reasons and certainly not intentionally. At least not when it comes to playing this interesting game from the Netherlands...


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