Ok, well maybe not quite. Since you're here, you're most likely aware of the sweet (but short) life of the The Games Cafe. If not, a short description is in order: The Games Cafe was a website devoted to all manner of games; board, computer and electronic. The best part of it (in my opinion) were the articles on boardgaming in general. When it shut down, of chief interest to many was what was to become of the articles that had already been written. There were plenty of offers to host them at various locales but nothing ever become of this. Frank Branham then had the great idea of not only archiving them but reviving it, this time as a non-commercial, volunteer site.

We talked with Burt Hochberg, editor of The Games Cafe, about our idea and he was instrumental in getting us started. While he's not involved in the day to day operation of The Games Journal we are greatly indebted to him for his help and he remains our "editor emeritus". (Frank prefers to consider him our "Sifu"; the wise old master in those Kung Fu movies who instructs the eager youngsters when they're being foolish.) Burt had these words for us:

"The Games Cafe, launched in January 2000, attempted to bring something new to the gaming hobby: a Web site devoted to reviews and articles about current and historical board games, with attention paid also to electronic games. By all accounts The Games Cafe was a success. It did not, however, succeed commercially, and for that and other reasons it was forced to shut down after only a few months. Now, it appears, The Games Cafe concept is being revived under a new name and with no commercial ambitions. I congratulate Greg Aleknevicus and Frank Branham for their energy and enthusiasm and wish them the greatest success with the new site. With the encouragement and support of gamers everywhere, this time it will have a long and happy life."

Thanks very much for these kind words. Our intention is not to duplicate The Games Cafe (although we did consider that possibility) but rather to use it as inspiration. As such there is much that will be different from The Games Cafe, hopefully it will be to your liking. Next month I'll try to spell out exactly what our aspirations are.

For now I hope you'll enjoy reading the articles. The great majority of them are reprints although we have a few new ones as well. So, have a look around and let us know what you think. I'd love to hear any comments, complaints or suggestions you might have.

-Greg Aleknevicus

Mayfair Games has recently released the card game Elixir. This English version of the game by Los Rodriguez & Frédéric Leygonie was originally published by Asmodee in France four years ago. Bruno Faidutti has played the game and gives us his impression of it.


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