I'll resist the urge to make any New Year's resolutions this year. Actually this won't be at all difficult as I'm not particularly inclined to make any. Still, improvement is something to strive for, perhaps passing the buck will do the trick?

With this in mind, I'd like to extend the opportunity to our readers to write in with any ideas or suggestions on how to improve The Games Journal. In August I wrote how we had moved to a PHP-enabled server and opened the floor for suggestions on new features but the response was... silence. I can't imagine that there isn't anything we could do to improve our site so perhaps people were just shy about responding? Hopefully, readers will be a little more vocal this time around...

-Greg Aleknevicus

I've found that there are certain games that become more enjoyable with familiarity. Not just because you become a better player but also because the game is more relaxing to play strategies and tactics are second nature. One such game for my group is The Great Dalmuti which we play with some regularity. It's a member of the family of "climbing games" that Dave Shapiro describes in his Gang of Four review. While there are lots of similar games, we'll likely stick with The Great Dalmuti because of our familiarity with it we know the strategies and can play on auto-pilot (to a certain degree) which is often what we look for when we choose to play the game.


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