I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that 2004 proves to be a happy one. My holiday has been less than stellar however—I contracted a nasty cold in mid-December that thankfully subsided just before Christmas. This reprieve was especially well-timed as I had plans to drive all over the province visiting friends and relatives. The trip went well enough but within a few hours of returning home I started feeling unwell and am now in what feels to be a full-blown case of the flu. While I'll miss sipping martinis this New Year's Eve at least I can moan and groan in the comfort of my own bed.

The downside for The Games Journal is that I've had no time to complete my own contributions this month and so the puzzle and Formula De Mini review will need to wait until February. Fortunately, we have three outstanding articles this month that I'm sure you'll enjoy. Happy New Year!

-Greg Aleknevicus

If there's one quality I appreciate in "German style games" it's the agonizing decisions one is faced with. Why is it that something so painful also produces so much pleasure? Jonathan Degann discusses this in his latest article on game design.


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