Perhaps that's what you'll be thinking considering this month's meager offerings? As always The Games Journal relies on contributions for its content and this month things are a little bare. I imagine that this has to do with the recent holiday season as everyone was naturally quite busy. (I myself am guilty as any in this regard, having a heavy travel schedule during the holidays as well as organizing my move back to Canada.) Perhaps you could add another New Year's resolution of writing something up for contribution?

In any event, we have a couple of interesting offerings none-the-less. Ray Smith writes about Counter magazine. I've also reprinted an early article I wrote for Counter magazine entitled "Disturbing Themes".

Finally, I hope everyone got lots of games this past holiday season. I knew I wasn't receiving any so I gave them instead (knowing that I'd get to play them that way). I'll be telling you all about the Monopoly Card Game next month.

-Greg Aleknevicus

If you're at all interested in the type of articles we publish here on The Games Journal you'll quite likely enjoy Counter magazine. Inside, Ray Smith gives the pros and cons of it.


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