The ever-prolific Tom Vasel has recently begun a series of interviews with notable members of the hobby. I'm honoured to have been included in this group although I'm not sure I'm really deserving of it. In any case, it was an enjoyable experience and you can find the transcript in a number of places on the net.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to reading opinions about the interview (I'm far from ego-less) but there wasn't much comment on it at all. I'm not disappointed by this though as there has been a reaction. Since it was posted I have received more than a few offers and suggestions for articles and many have said that this was a direct reaction to reading Tom's piece. This was a little shocking but it's a very welcome surprise. In fact, I've already got a number of articles ready for next month's issue! This is an unusual situation for me but one that I could get used to very quickly. Hopefully this level of enthusiasm will continue, it definitely makes my job as editor more fulfilling when I can publish a "full" issue each month.

So, I'd like to extend a public thank you to Tom for the help his interview has provided, thanks!

-Greg Aleknevicus

I'm constantly shocked by coincidences. When I was working on the "My Favorite Game Boards" article I was constantly thinking that perhaps this was a little too "fluffy" and lightweight. Maybe a more involved article would be better? Well, I never got any further with this as, out of the blue, Dave Shapiro sent me his article that appears here this month. It's a rather more involved and interesting look at game boards than my simple list but hopefully you'll enjoy both.


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