Not a whole lot of content this month I'm afraid. I haven't been writing much myself though so I can't complain if our contributors have been taking a break as well. In fact, this has been a bit of an ongoing concern for me. As some of you are aware I have written a number of articles for Counter magazine. However, I haven't managed to contribute anything for the past few issues. This isn't intentional, it's just a case that I don't have much new to say. This also extends (to a degree) to the various online discussion groups. I find that I've already heard most of what's being said. It's unlikely that anyone can add anything new to the discussion of open vs. closed holdings or the problems with kingmaking (as examples). This isn't to suggest that such discussions are not worth having, just that they're not worth having multiple times. It may be that there's only so much that you can say about playing games and that after a number of years you need to move on and leave things for the newcomers.

-Greg Aleknevicus

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