While I never received any complaints, I suspect that some of you may have experienced problems with the Search function here on The Games Journal. For the most part, it has not worked for many months. This original engine was a simple perl script that I modified that searched through all our files, one after the other, looking for any of the entered terms. This was ideal as it had a couple of nice features, the principal one being that I did not need to update any indices whenever content was added to the site. At the time this worked pretty well but we had fewer than 100 separate files so the simple program was up to the task. We now have close to 300 articles, puzzles and reviews and it could no longer handle requests quick enough to prevent server timeout problems.

In answer to this, I've completely revamped the Search function and it seems to be working correctly. So, if you've had problems in the past, they should be fixed now. If you do encounter something weird or unusual, please send me an e-mail.

-Greg Aleknevicus

It used to be accepted that a boardgame based on a movie or novel would be rather poor and not worth considering. There were exceptions of course I think that Avalon Hill's Dune does an excellent job of capturing the political maneuverings of Frank Herbert's classic. Happily, these exceptions are becoming more commonplace most notably with the new Star Wars films. I think Epic Duels and Queen's Gambit are good games and Clash of the Lightsabers is excellent. The other successful franchise in this regard has been Lord of the Rings. Knizia's cooperative game is certainly novel and his latest two-player game has really struck my fancy. I'll be reviewing the game next month but for now you can check out this month's puzzle.


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