Well, the Christmas season is rapidly approaching and, like any respectable game addict, my thoughts drift to what I shall place on my "wish list". You know, that detailed list you give to loved ones very carefully spelling out the names of strange games that no one else has heard of and where they can buy them.

If you're anything like me you you're also faced with the impatience of having to actually wait to receive the latest release. How many more "sleeps" till Christmas? "Hmmm, they probably won't buy it for me anyway, maybe I'll just pick it up as a present to myself? After all, I don't want to wait all this time in anticipation and then not receive it!" Oh, the simple joy of being a kid again.

Well, perhaps a better way to satisfy the desire to purchase games as well as ensuring there are some fun activities during the season would be to purchase games for your friends instead? Of course, one would be well advised to make sure you give them to those who would appreciate receiving a game. (Remember that not everyone is as enthusiastic as you might be on this matter.) Still, there are a near limitless variety of games available in all types and skill-ranges.

I think most readers of The Games Journal have some expertise on the different types of party games or lighter fare that would be a welcome addition to holiday festivities.

-Greg Aleknevicus

There was a time when a timer for use in multi-player games would have been a godsend to me. I tended to play very fast and much faster than my opponents. So it was always a bit of a pain having to wait around for my turn. Well, I have to admit that I don't seem to be quite as quick with my turns anymore. I've no idea why this might be but it seems as often as not, I'm the one that everyone is waiting to "move dammit!" So naturally, just as this occurs, a timer appears on the market.


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