I was rather surprised at the extremely low response to last month's Princes of Florence puzzle. Part of this may be due to its rather "open-ended" nature as it didn't have an obvious (once you discovered it) solution. Also, it was difficult to quickly and concisely summarize your answer so perhaps I shouldn't have expected many entries. Another possibility presents itself and that's that the game has fallen out of favour due to the overwhelming popularity of Puerto Rico.

I find this a little strange as I don't think the games are very similar at all but I've heard repeated murmurings along the lines of "why should we play Princes when we could play Puerto Rico instead?" I've often used a similar phrase when describing a game I don't like: "Why would I play Tabula Rasa when I can play Schotten-Totten instead?" However, I've never said this when I actually enjoy both games—sometimes I'll prefer one, sometimes I'll prefer the other. Perhaps this isn't the case for everyone? I'd be really interested in hearing if there are any true "category killers" out there.

-Greg Aleknevicus

Continuing on from last month's "What the heck is that thing" sidebar, this month's entry is hopefully a little easier to figure out. In any case, if deducing what it is (or forming it in the first place) strike you as an interesting activity, you'll want to make sure to read this month's review of Squint.


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