Last month I mentioned that I'd outline some of our ideas for The Games Journal, an informal mission statement if you will.

Our intention is not to duplicate The Games Cafe (although we did consider that possibility) but rather to use it as inspiration. Frank and I have discussed our general ideas for The Games Journal that I'll try to briefly outline.

Reviews: There are a great many review sites on the net and duplicating their efforts seems foolish. If you want to find out about the latest and greatest game have a look at our Links section, there are lots of wonderful sites for you to explore. What I would like are reviews of older or overlooked games. Games that have been unfairly passed over by the general gaming audience. Hopefully we'll be able discover some buried treasures. (He said ironically, we are featuring Torres this month after all, hardly a "buried treasure".)

Articles: The best part of The Games Cafe were the wonderful general purpose articles. Hopefully we'll be able to continue with this as our focus.

Puzzles: I'm going to try to limit any puzzles to ones that concern boardgames. Last month we ran one for Octi and this month Ricochet Robot is featured. Hopefully we'll be able to offer prizes to those that submit correct solutions. Jay has already thrown something in this month and Don Green has donated a copy of Octi for next month. I'll be shaking the trees for more goodies. (Note to publishers: This would be a great way to promote your game—send us a puzzle and a copy to give to the winner.)

Letters: One of my favorite sections of traditional print publications is the letters column. Its a great venue for quickly expressing an opinion or query about a game or just making general comments. I'm not sure how well this is going to work in practice. The most obvious question might be "why don't you implement a messaging system?" Once again the answer has to be that I don't want to duplicate anything. ConSimWorld & rec.games.board already do a fine job of this. What I'd really like are comments or questions about the articles you read here. I know from my own personal experience that any feedback (even negative) is very appreciated. By all means though write in with anything you'd like to say!

How well we achieve all this will remain to be seen. A lot depends on what sort of contributions we get. While I'd prefer to get the type I've described, beggars can't be choosers. This site will, for the foreseeable future, remain a volunteer effort and so we must hustle for contributions. While we do have a stable of "regulars" this doesn't mean that we aren't willing to accept outside contributions. If you've got something you'd like to submit please do so.

On a technical note: Check out the hyperlinks below—we've added a Search function!

-Greg Aleknevicus

The German Game of the Year (Spiel des Jahres) has been awarded to Torres making it a repeat for designers Kramer and Kiesling. (Their Tikal won for 1999.) This month, Mitch Thomashow gives a full review on the game.


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