If you've read a few of my reviews, it should be obvious that I appreciate a game that has great bits. While gameplay is still the most important feature, there are enough games which have both excellent mechanics and presentation that I need not settle for one or the other. However, I sometimes wonder if I don't subconsciously value presentation higher than gameplay. Larry Levy briefly mentions Teuber's Chip Chip Hurra in his article this month. This is a great kid's game, very simple but quite random. There's nothing particularly inventive or clever about the mechanics but, oh my, the production. The robots are very detailed (see picture at right) and even include some simple coloring to make it appear as if they're rusty old contraptions to fit in with the theme. The chips that they players are trying to collect are small plastic disks that look just like old floppy disks from days gone by (they even slot into the backs of the robots).

So while it's not a game that I would recommend based on its mechanics, I enjoy having it on my shelf for purely aesthetic reasons. Does this make me shallow?

-Greg Aleknevicus

Why do you look forward to a particular game's publication? Is it the theme? The publisher? Advanced reports? Or is it the designer? I suspect that the latter reason is the more popular answer as people often mention looking forward to the latest Knizia, or Kramer or Teuber game. With this in mind, Larry Levy looks back at the last three years of design for these three popular designers..


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