When we first starting publishing The Games Journal, I decided that I would strive very hard to publish it on the first of each month. The idea was that forcing a deadline on ourselves was the best way to ensure that we actually continued to publish at all. With a few minor exceptions I think we've accomplished this goal rather well.

However, determination and an enforced schedule are no match for faulty hardware, in this case a computer that decides to quit in the most perplexing manner imaginable. What started as a simple job of replacing a CPU fan rapidly turned into a (seemingly) never-ending series of component failures that required the installation of several power supplies, CPUs, video cards and at least two motherboards!

So naturally, the time I was spending getting everything (eventually) back in working order was time that I would have otherwise been devoting to getting this month's issue prepared. As such, I recognized that there was no way I'd be able to get everything done on time, particularly the articles that were submitted while my machine was down. This presented me with a few options: skip the April issue completely, delay it a couple of weeks or publish what we had ready. I decided to opt for the last option even if it meant that we wouldn't be publishing any articles this month.

Fortunately, we have more reviews than usual this month so this issue is not completely anorexic and will hopefully tide everyone over until May.

-Greg Aleknevicus

I've never been a fan of expansions for games. For the most part, I find that they tend to obscure the elegant mechanics that made the original so noteworthy. I'm likely in the minority with this view though and so a truly successful game is practically guaranteed to foster sequels and expansions. Read more to find out if this is always a good thing...


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