Well, this is probably a good a time as any to let everyone know that Frank and I have accepted Wizards of the Coast's offer to purchase The Games Journal, lock, stock and barrel. I had originally intended on running the site as a purely non-commercial labour of love but, hey, when Hasbro comes knocking on your door with as big a cheque as they did, you reconsider that whole idealism thing. I won't really get into specifics on how much the purchase price was but let's just say that the instances of spontaneous laughter around the office has increased considerably.

During the negotiations I stressed that I didn't want much to change content-wise as I felt this was only fair to you, our readers. After all, it's your patronage that made us such a valuable target for acquisition in the first place. It was about this time that the WotC staff were heading out the door that I thought "Hey! I bet our readers would love hearing news of the latest Pokemon spin off products!" So, effective next month we'll be changing our name to The Pikachu Journal I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

In less foolish business, there's a new feature (sort of) this month: The Fabulous Games Journal Prize Vault. Here at head office, we've stocked this up with some interesting (leftover) gaming items to be used as prizes for contests and such. Most of these have been sent to us by the appropriate companies but I've also thrown in a couple of goodies of my own. I may try to use this as an incentive for submissions or letters but I'm not entirely sure how to go about that at present stay tuned...

-Greg Aleknevicus

Joe Scoleri (aka The Maverick) has created an exhaustive index for six 1980s era gaming magazines.


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